Wendy’s employees film mouse ‘moving around’ in burger buns at Oklahoma location

We doubt Wendy’s will be tweeting about this.

Wendy’s was forced to investigate a possible pest problem at one of its locations in Catoosa, Okla., after a restaurant employee shared footage of a mouse “moving around” inside a package of hamburger buns, Fox News reports.

“I just hear ‘mouse, mouse, mouse!’ I’m like, we do not have mice in this store, what? I go back there and the mouse is moving around in the big buns,” said Skylar Frame, an employee who shared video of the incident to Facebook last week.

Another employee, Samantha Niebelink, said this is the second time she’s spotted a rodent in the premises, according to KJRH. Niebelink added that she also reported seeing rodent droppings in the bun packages, and was told by a manager to just use the newer packages underneath.

“That was just disgusting because last time there was rat feces it was dribbling underneath every other rack,” said Niebelink.

Wendy’s confirmed to Fox News that a health inspector was dispatched to the Catoosa restaurant, but recorded no violations.

“Our franchisee is aware of this situation and is taking this matter very seriously,” the restaurant said in a statement. “They immediately launched an investigation with their pest control vendor and internal quality assurance experts to ensure immediate and appropriate action is taken. We have stringent procedures in place to ensure safe and well-maintained restaurants.”

Frame and Niebelink, however, claim they’ve seen their managers ignore other health code violations — such as employees handling food while sick, or leaving loose cigarettes in the kitchen — and claim they will be quitting their jobs if bosses don’t change their ways.

A representative for Wendy’s did not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment.