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Two boys, Two wishes: Twins from New Canaan’s Make-A-Wish granted

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Make-A-Wish Connecticut brought the Marti’s wishes come true. Not once, but twice.

Max got his wish of going to North Carolina to meet NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, and Nick went to Atlantis to swim with the dolphins.

Max and Nick are twins that were both born with a rare disorder from birth.

“It affects their G.I. system in that they can’t absorb nutrients or hydration the same way we do by eating. Max is dependent on IV nutrition and he gets it at seven nights a week while he overnight while sleeping,” explained Michelle, the boys’ mother.

Michelle goes through double doctor's appointments, double hospital visits and both parents face double the anxiety.

“Make-A-Wish came along and said these kids are really super heroes are so brave and so strong it’s amazing what your whole family is going through we want to do something amazing for you that it’s not going to solve the problems that you’re having it’s not going to cure the disease but maybe I will give you a little bit of joy and hope to break” said Michelle.

The Marti family packed and with the help of Make-A-Wish, Max and Nick got their wishes granted.

“He was nice, my favorite color is green and he happened to be driving his green car that day,” said Max.

“They were like smooth and slimy and their tail was really soft,” responded Nick.

When the family came home, these wishes that became a reality, changed the family’s outlook on life.

“When I saw them after their wishes just their world was opening up as to what experiences they could have and what joy you brought to them it was amazing and since then we try to take advantage of every single thing we can do and focus more on what *can we do versus what can’t we do.” said Michelle. “ It was a real eye-opener that we need to spend more time not as focused on the medical.”

“With your mind off all of it you don’t have to be like worrying about not fitting in and you don’t have to worry about something bad happening if you try something you’ve never tried before.” said Nick.

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