WATCH: Police officer fired after pulling over, detaining daughter and boyfriend

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OHIO --  A police officer in Ohio was fired for using his badge to deal with personal issues with his daughter's boyfriend, according to Fox News.

John Kovach Jr., a 26-year veteran, was fired after the Lorain Police Department found the traffic stop was an “abuse of power.”

Dashcam footage from the officer's cruiser shows him pulling over a silver car on April 16. In the car were three passengers: Katlyn Kovach, 18, his daughter; Makai Coleman, 18, her boyfriend and a friend.

The footage shows that Kovach did not tell dispatch that he pulled over a car. Kovach told Coleman to get out of the vehicle because “he’s going to jail.” Coleman went on to ask why, the officer responded with “have a seat in my car. We’ll make [expletive] up as we go.”

According to Fox News, the officer located Coleman's car after tracing his daughter’s computer to a friend’s home. One of the friends in the car, was threatened by the officer with a ticket for failing to wear her seatbelt.

The mother of the girl ran out the house and said she is calling the cops.

According to Fox News, dispatchers were trying to contact Kovach about a road rage incident but he did not respond. Investigators said Kovach didn't know his daughter was in the car at the time. When he saw she was there, he told her to get out of the vehicle.

Kovach's daughter is seen yelling at her father for using his badge and uniform to intimidate her and her boyfriend.

“You have to give me a reason, by law. Daddy, why are pushing me? Why are you [expletive] pushing me? Why are you doing this?” she is heard saying.

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