Power problems cause disruptions at Manchester Community College

Manchester Community College

MANCHESTER — The switchover to solar panels at Manchester Community College early Sunday morning caused a transformer failure, and a replacement will not arrive until Monday morning and classes and staff will not be allowed into certain areas of the college until the problem is resolved.

In an email to the college community, officials said:

This past Saturday, we had a power shutdown in support of the solar project.  Unfortunately a transformer failure resulted in the loss of phone and computer capability in the AST, Village and Tower.  A new transformer was ordered on Saturday and will arrive on Monday morning for installation.  As soon as this is installed, IT will bring the AST, Village and Tower technology systems back online.  The AST, Village and Tower may not be occupied until IT brings their systems back online.  These systems support the phone and emergency paging, which are required for occupancy.

Classes scheduled for Monday in the impacted area will be moved.

The switchover to solar panels is expected to save the college significant money.