35 arrested in protest of “zero-tolerance” immigration policy

HARTFORD — Hundreds of people didn’t let the heat deter them from their mission.

They gathered outside of the Federal Courthouse in Hartford to protest what they call the Presidents “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

“There’s been a lot of negative rhetoric that has gone along with my status. I really don’t want to disclose my status on camera but I can tell you that there’s been incidents where I have not felt welcome,” explained Jesus Morales Sanchez. He’s living in New Haven but immigrated from Mexico.

President Trump has already backed away from separating families at the border, but the protestors claims the Presidents policy will keep families together, “in cages.”

“I think it’s a moral issue. And it is a political issue also. I mean we are talking bout human beings,” said Sister Mary Alice Synkewecz, the Director of the Collaborative Center for Justice.

The protestors used signs, songs, and a megaphone to get their point across. They even put their bodies on the line. They blocked the entrance to the courthouse where ICE also has their offices.

“They said no, they didn’t want to get up. And one by one they were arresting them. It was very strong and powerful,” said Arien Wilkerson of Hartford.

Among those arrested was Vanesa Suarez. She’s living in New Haven but is originally from Peru.

“I came to this country as a little girl. I came with my family. To me, I think everyone should have the right to migrate. There is a lot of violence and a lot of poverty.”

35 people were arrested and charged with misdemeanors. Several of the people arrested were let out because the jails were full.

700 similar events were held Monday in cities across America in the form of protests, marches and rallies.

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