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Bridgport teacher charged with sexual assault in more trouble

Laura Ramos

BRIDGEPORT — A Connecticut special education teacher free on bond while she awaits trial on charges that she sexually assaulted two male students is in danger of having her bond revoked after police say she was caught with one of her alleged victims.

Waterford police say they pulled over 32-year-old Laura Calladio Ramos on June 22 for using her cellphone while driving. Police say one of her alleged victims was in the vehicle, a violation of bond conditions.

A 19 year-old man was in the passenger’s seat. According to police, the teen was the protectee of a protective order. Ramos was the subject of the protective order.

The two people were not allowed to be traveling together or even near each other

Ramos was charged with distracted driving and criminal violation of a protective order

The Connecticut Post reports that Ramos is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.

Ramos was charged last year with two counts of second-degree sexual assault. She has since resigned from her job at Central High School in Bridgeport.

Her lawyer says he will address the motion to revoke bond at Thursday’s hearing.