HVAC contractors remain cool about the heat in CT

WATERBURY -- During heat waves, one of the most refreshing forms of relief is air conditioning.

So, imagine when yours does not work.

Most HVAC contractors, including M.J. Fahy & Sons, Inc., in Waterbury, said they're having to work days, nights and weekends to keep up with the demand to put a chill on this heat.

An HVAC technician's worst nightmare?

"The attic can be probably 115° on a day like today," said Fran Fahy, Owner of M.J. Fahy & Sons, Inc.

Once the forecast is out, the technicians start to load up on liquids.

"You skip the coffee and start drinking water before even starting so you got something to come out of you," said John Stack, a 15 year employee of M.J. Fahy & Sons, Inc.

The rising mercury means the phones are burning up, as well.

"If it should shut down, just give us a call and then we will update your call and take care of it as quickly as we can," said co-owner Christine Fahy, during a phone conversation with a customer.

"You’ve got to try to prioritize and maybe work a little overtime, maybe work Saturday or Sunday, said Fran Fahy.

Residential calls are the most frequent. One Waterbury homeowner said his incapacitated AC brought him back to his childhood.

"We’ve been living with fans," said Brian St. Onge.

And, of course, proper hydration is the key to surviving any outdoor activity in extreme heat. Stack said he downed eight 16 ounce bottles of water yesterday, which, he joked, was probably not enough.

As for whether he prefers working in the heat or cold?

"This (heat) is the lesser of the two evils I’d say," Stack added.

Fran Fahy said the easiest way to prevent yourself from needing service during a heat wave or cold spell is scheduling a regular annual servicing of your system, which he said generally runs his customers in the $300-$350 range.

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