Las Vegas cop ‘terrified with fear’ as gunman murdered dozens, body camera footage shows

An armed, veteran police officer stood idle for several minutes last October as the Las Vegas gunman slaughtered dozens of concertgoers from a perch one floor up, and now that cop’s actions — and inaction — are being reviewed by the Metropolitan Police Department, according to FOX News.

The investigation into Cordell Hendrex, and the rest of the city’s police department, comes as Las Vegas prepares to release its ninth batch of footage and records related to the shooting, which left 58 dead and hundreds injured.

Watch the raw video here.

“Every officer’s actions that night are being evaluated,” police spokesperson Carla Alston told the Las Vegas Review-Journal last week. “One of the things Sheriff [Joseph] Lombardo has said from the beginning is that this is an ongoing investigation. Part of that investigation is the evaluation of the performance, actions and conduct of every officer and civilian employee involved in the incident.”

The actions of Hendrex — which have drawn comparisons to those of Scot Peterson, a former school resource officer labeled a “coward” by President Trump after Peterson failed to act during February’s Parkland high school shooting — have come into the spotlight following record releases in May and June.