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Some Hartford convenience stores have overnight permits denied

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HARTFORD -- Some 24/7 gas stations and their convenience stores in Hartford have had their overnight permits denied, including the Shell Gas Station at 335 Capitol Avenue.

Hartford police said in the past year, they've been to the gas station upwards of 80 times during the overnight hours.

So now, the city has denied the permit that allows the gas station and convenient store to operate from 11:30 p.m., to 5 a.m. 19 convenience stores applied for the overnight permit this year in Hartford, 12 have been denied, with one still in review.

"We have noise complaints, we have people's cars getting stolen, sometimes we've had violent acts occur at some of these establishments, where we've had shootings," said Lieutenant Ian Powell of Hartford Police Department.

"People are working different shifts around here, there's a lot of foot traffic number one, number two there's a lot of construction that are different shifts, and people depend on coming here getting a soft drink cookies," said Stacy Delatolas, from Waterford.

Hartford police add that it's not the businesses to blame. They said many of the extended hours places are hubs for quality of life issues during those late night hours.

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