Nitrogen tanker that caught fire in Clinton rolls over on Route 32 in Franklin

FRANKLIN- A tanker carrying liquid nitrogen that caught fire Friday morning on I-95 in Clinton has overturned on route 32 in Franklin.

Connecticut State Police said Route 32 in Franklin between routes 87 and 2 has reopened.

Businesses and homes in the immediate area were evacuated as a precaution. Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said the tanker was carrying liquid nitrogen, which isn't toxic. The truck will need to be vented of the liquid nitrogen.

Earlier in the morning on Friday, state police said that the tanker fire caused I-95 south to have the right lane closed, near exit 63.

Both sides of the highway were shut down earlier in the morning, but was later reopened.

It's unknown if there were any injuries with either incident involving the tanker.

Police said at around 11:20 a.m., the tanker was being towed from I-95 to Bozrah when it tipped over or rolled off the tow truck.