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Manchester PD: Dog might lose eye following abuse

MANCHESTER — Police said they arrested Davey Cortez, 41, and charged him with  animal cruelty  after a dog was found injured.

On July 4, Manchester police said they were dispatched to 109 Oxford Street following an animal complaint from a neighbor.

The neighbor told police she heard what sounded like a loud smack or thud. She said the dog started screeching for about five seconds and then stopped.

According to a police report, the right eye of a chihuahua was blood-shot and bleeding, the area around the eye was also injured and appeared swollen. Police said they then saw another small chihuahua on the property that appeared to be avoiding Cortez.

“I have never observed a dog run away from its owners and hide with a complete stranger unless the dog was a victim of abuse,” an officer said in a statement.

Police said they then arrested Cortez due to probable cause and charged him with animal cruelty. Police said a doctor at Bolton Veterinary Hospital contacted them stating the injury to the dog was consistent with blunt force due to a kick or punch.

The doctor also told police the dog might lose its eye due to the trauma.

Cortez is being held on a $2,500 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on July 24.