15 people including infant, brought to hospital following Hartford deck collapse; 911 tapes released

HARTFORD -- Multiple people were sent to the hospital Saturday evening after a partial porch collapse occurred Saturday evening.

Officials responded to  91 Campfield Avenue around 8:30 p.m. after receiving 911 calls regarding a porch collapse.  Firefighters said that possibly more than 20 people were on the porch at the time.

A dozen people were injured in the collapse. The victims suffered a variety of injuries ranging from cuts, head wounds, and abdominal pain. All the injuries were non-life threatening.

Fire officials said that second porch collapsed onto the first floor porch.Officials said that there is about 15 to 20 feet between the second floor porch and the first floor porch.

“I see the, the porch it was completely destroyed. Everything came down. When I’m heading out the door I see an old woman on the floor. I see kids here a seizure over here so it’s like what’s going on," said resident Carlos DeJesus who saw the collapse.

No one is being allowed in the building at this time. Fire officials said licensing and building officials will inspect the structure to determine if it’s safe.