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Goats on the go to help Pomfret cemetery project

POMFRET -- A pet project in Pomfret has gone to the goats.

Four goats are being used to help clear the overgrown grounds of a historic cemetery.

Pomfret first selectwoman Maureen Nicholson has applied for state grants to help fund restoration of the town’s 14 cemeteries, and, on a recent trip to survey the historic Dennis Cemetery off Murdoch Road, Nicholson noticed the neighbors had the goats.

That’s when the idea struck; Nicholson asked the McNamara family if they mind taking the goats to eat the weeds and plants clogging up the cemetery grounds.

“I realized the family had these goats so I said this is divine intervention,” Nicholson laughed.

The goats have been eating on the cemetery grounds for the past few weeks.

12-year-old Aidan McNamara said, “they are very hungry and nice goats.”

Nicholson knows the goats will likely just make a dent in the work that needs to be done and is hoping volunteers step up to help maintain the grounds but she is grateful for any help that is offered.

“If we can find another herd of goats living next to a cemetery, we will employ them as well,” she said.