Bear makes mess of Colebrook garage

COLEBROOK — A bear made a mess of a Colebrook garage Tuesday night.

FOX61 viewer Bill Sweet sent us a picture of his garage door with a smashed window and debris in the driveway. He said the bear or bears, “busted through all the glass and broke the wood window casing, lifted the lids and pulled put the bags.”

Sweet lives on Route 44, heading into Norfolk.

He said its been an ongoing problem for years in Colebrook. This year there is a mother bear and three cubs he sees during the day that travels on a path from a neighbor’s house to his and then into the woods. “One time a bear was on the front porch and one time we came home to a bear on its back at night with legs up in the air holding a beer can to its mouth it got from the neighbors garbage it dragged over, ” said Sweet.