Coventry Lake closed to swimming Thursday for herbicide treatment

Coventry Lake - Google Street View

COVENTRY — Coventry Lake will be closed for swimming Thursday so it can be treated with an herbicide.

The lake will be treated with an approved herbicide, Sonar ONE to control non-native Hydrilla on Thursday. The lake will remain open for boating and fishing. The lake will need two followup treatments later this year.

According to the University of Florida, Hydrilla is a fast growing plant that can take over a body of water.  It can seriously interfere with boating, and prevent swimming and fishing. Dense hydrilla infestations can alter water chemistry and oxygen levels.

The town issued a notice that said in part:

Use of water from the pond for irrigating newly seeded turf/plants and certain plants (including tomatoes, peppers, tobacco) from the Solanaceae Family is restricted until October 13th.  There is no irrigation restrictions for established turf, trees, shrubs and plants not within the Solanaceae Family. Applicable water use restrictions will be posted with signs prior to application in accordance with CT DEEP requirements.