Daytrippers: Elm City Party Bike in Milford

MILFORD – It’s twenty feet long, nine feet high, and six feet wide and it has made its way to Milford.

The Elm City Party Bike, which has been roaming the roads of New Haven for the past year, is now prowling the pavement in Milford.

Captained by owner Colin Caplan, one of the lead guides, guests can now take tours in Milford on select dates.

“There’s a bunch of downtown businesses and restaurants and they’ve been very inviting to us so we’re running tours in Milford now,” said Caplan as he was navigating a turn during a recent tour.

Party Bikes, now seen on the roads of dozens of cities across the country, are a way to get a bit of exercise and see sights at the same time, Caplan noted.

“Most people say when they see is 'how do I get on this?', some people just stare with their mouths open,” said Caplan.

Milford Mayor Ben Blake, a passenger aboard the bike for its first trip to the town said, “our downtown is historic and beautiful and we have a lot of history.”

Andrea Franco, a lifestyle and food blogger who was also among those peddling on the party bike said, “I learned so much, I had a blast and I’d come again.”

Driving around the lengthy town green in Milford, Caplan added, “this is a fun way to gather your friends and family, do something different and get some exercise.”

The Elm City Party Bike currently offers reserved and private group tours in both New Haven and Milford, to learn more, click here.