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ConnectiCon 2018: All dressed up and someplace to go

HARTFORD -- It is a cast of characters that flood the Connecticut Convention Center each year,  the summertime phenomenon known as ConnectiCon.

This year is the 16th ConnectiCon that has descended on the capital city, bringing thousands of cosplayers and fanboys and girls to explore the more than 500,000 square feet of the convention center.

"We like to refer to this as a multi-genre convention," said Rob Roman, the press manager from ConnectiCon. "We're all here to enjoy the fandom, enjoy each others company and enjoy Hartford," he added.

Dressed like Uncle Iroh from Avatar, the Last Airbender, Jerry Glose makes the trip to ConnectiCon from Whitehall, Pennsylvania every year.

"I go to a lot of "Cons" up and down the East Coast, Glose said, "and this is my favorite by far because the people here are so great."

The show runs through Sunday, to find out more about ConnectiCon, click here.

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