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Big turnout in Hartford for World Cup Final

HARTFORD -- For a summer Sunday, things kicked up at the Half Door in Hartford as people crowded around the bar televisions to cheer on their favorite World Cup teams.

“Even with the US not being in it, these people are still coming out and still being really interested in the games," says the Half Doors Assistant Manager, Chelsea Kramer.

And while the American’s aren’t scoring, everyone at the bar still picked sides.

“I love a good underdog," says Kramer. "...Maybe France; They’ve sort of come out from underneath and we really thought they weren’t going to make it till the end.”

For at least one day everyone can be a futball fan.

"I think it’s great I mean it’s cultural," says Tom Delaney of West Hartford. "America's [a] melting pot...it might not be an American sport, but it’s a global sport and it’s definitely a fun time."

France beat Croatia 4-2 in their second World Cup victory.