Video: Bear goes toe-to-toe with inflatable dolphin in West Simsbury

WEST SIMSBURY -- Linda Michaels was on vacation when her home security system alerted her to something in her back yard.

What she saw on her remote camera earlier this month showed an interaction between two forces of nature. The battle wasn't exactly life or death, however.

Michaels said that bears wander into their yard sometimes, and they have safely chased them off. This time however the bear, which appeared to be about three or four years old and sporting a DEEP tag, wandered over to the small pool, and saw an inflatable toy. The bear batted at the toy and when it moved, was startled and retreated about ten feet away.

Then it slowly approached the toy again.

Michaels said they are careful not to leave items in the yard that would attract bears, but their land is next to a protected wooded area.