Firefighters save a dozen rabbits in Ashford

ASHFORD – High winds and heavy rain downed trees and power lines all around Ashford lake.

First responders were out all day clearing the roads for drivers. The most commendable act of the day lasted all but a few minutes.

“We just had this big wind gust and I just saw the trees just coming right out of the ground going over,” said Bonnie Ognan.

She’s lived in Ashford for over 20 years. When the storm came a massive tree uprooted and fell down in the worst possible location.

“I was afraid that we lost a lot of them because the damage looked awful from what I could see,” says Ognan.

The tree fell on several rabbit cages with the animals still inside.

Kieren Mullady got a call from his girlfriend, Ognan’s granddaughter, and rushed over to try to save the rabbits.

“I thought about how I was going to do it. I knew there was no way the three of us was going to be able to move those heavy cages full of rabbits and water and everything into the garage,” said Mullady.

It wasn’t looking good.

Then, some brave firefighters from the Ashford volunteer fire department decided to help.

They came over to Ognan’s backyard and carried the bunnies to safety. Three rabbits died but the firefighters saved 12 of them.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what they did they just went over and beyond they were just wonderful,” said Ognan.

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