South Windsor finds solution for aftercare program

SOUTH WINDSOR --  South Windsor’s town council unveiled a plan today to deal with the overwhelming demand for its aftercare program.

In March, some parents lined up overnight, just to secure a place for their child in the 4th R Program. Town council members said the demand was unexpected, but recognized that more families with children have moved into town.

The council introduced a plan to work with the YMCA and set up additional aftercare programs in the Avery Street Church and Temple Beth Hillel. The YMCA will reportedly handle staffing and liability.

South Windsor is also hiring a professional at the end of July to evaluate the program.

“Things happen that you cannot plan for,” said Rabbi Jeff Glickman of Temple Beth Hillel, who is also a council member. “And a mark of a good community is how you adapt to it, how can you listen, how can you we come together and come up with creativity. And I think we really did that in South Windsor.”

Venues need to go through a licensing and approval process, but the council is aiming to have the additional programs up and running by September.