WATCH: Officer engages in shootout with suspects during pursuit

LAS VEGAS —  Wild body camera footage shows a Las Vegas Metro police officer engage in a shooting with two suspects wanted in connection to a homicide that took place hours prior.

According to Fox News, the two suspects allegedly fled after a July 11 traffic stop conducted by cops investigating the murder of a man near a car wash.

The two suspects shot 34 rounds at an officer, who retaliated with 31 shots of his own – even firing through his own windshield.  The crash ended when the suspect’s crashed the car into the wall of an elementary school, according to Fox News.

Rene Nunez, 30, got out of the vehicle and tried to run upstairs into the school, but the door was locked, Las Vegas Metro police Assistant Sheriff Tim Kelly said.

Fidel Miranda, 23, moved toward the passenger seat of the SUV and started to move it back toward the officer’s cruiser. Police fired on Miranda and he later died at the scene, according to Fox News.

Nunez, who was also wounded, was arrested and is facing several felony charges, including murder.