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EXCLUSIVE: Hartford Parking Authority changes stance after rejecting coins as payment

HARTFORD --  When you pay a parking ticket it’s best to pay it as soon as possible to avoid a fine increase.

“They gave me a ticket because the end of my car was blocked in the driveway,” said Treagus Thomas of Hartford.

Thomas said when he tried to do just that at the Hartford Parking Authority on Monday, workers refused to accept his payment because part of it was in coins.

He shot cell phone video of the incident as he tried to pay the parking ticket he received on Imlay Street last week.

Thomas and then asked to speak to a supervisor.

“And then he said we don’t take that, we don’t take coins because that’s not cash,” said Thomas.

“That’s when I asked, well can I see the policy where it says I can’t bring coins in,” he said.

After a testy exchange, Thomas left his money on the counter and walked out of the agency.

“That’s all the money I had,” Thomas said.

It would seem that public opinion is on his side.

“If all I’m carrying with me is cash? Who doesn't take cash anymore,” said Hartford resident, Darlene Childs.

“I’m trying to pay my bill so why wouldn’t you take the change it’s money,” said Childs’ friend, Kim Vaught.

Ivette Mims agrees.

“It’s fine, like who cares,” she said. “Just pay your parking ticket put it in so they don’t give you a ticket.”

Thomas said his ticket was for $45 but he only tried to pay $9 dollars of it in coins. When he left the agency, initially, he wasn’t sure if the money he left on the counter will be used to pay for the ticket.

FOX61 News went to the Hartford Parking Authority to find out.

Initially, FOX61 News was directed to the supervisor, who is out of the office and spoke to us over the phone.

FOX61 received a statement from the CEO of the Hartford parking authority saying there actually is no policy on excepting these payment and the agency will accept coins going forward.

Statement goes on to say, “As for Mr. Thomas, his citation payment has been accepted and considered paid in full.”

“I paid it,” Thomas said. “To me I paid it.”