Daytrippers: Flyboarding at Brownstone Exploration & Discovery Park

PORTLAND --There are 27 acres to explore at Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park but, perhaps, the most interesting corner of the outdoor adventure complex is where a group called HydroFlyNE has set up camp. After a quick lesson and safety briefing, you can now go "Fly Boarding" at Brownstone. "Everyone wants to fly, everyone wants to walk on water -- here you go!" said Sean Hayes, the owner of Brownstone.

HydroFlyNE is owned by former Army Ranger Ryan Stryker who says, "we've flown anyone from a seven year old girl to a 78 year old man." He added, "if you want a nice relaxing flight, five or ten feet up, we can do that, if you want something more exhilarating we can give you that as well."

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