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FOX61 Family First: Taking care of aging parents

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A bit of a twist in Family First this week.

We usually focus on concerns and questions we have as moms and dads with our kids. This family first is about concerns for for our aging parents.

When mom or dad get to a point where they can't do everything on their own like they used to, adult children have to make some tough decisions when it comes to safety and whether it might be time to make a move to an assisted living facility.

According to the AGA; The American Grandparents Association, there are 6 signs it may be time to make that decision:

1. Mobility issues -- If an elderly loved one is at rise of falling, and can't get around on their own anymore.

2. Trouble keeping up with personal care -- Like showering, dressing, and cooking their own meals.

3. Home safety issues: Similar to mobility issues. If mom or dad are having a hard time getting upstairs, inside the house or having trouble getting into their home, having difficulty driving safely to the store and appointments.

4. Problems with household care or finances: Household neglect can become a problem, with over flowing trash, or not being able to kepe up with the utility bills.

5. Increasing health care needs/cognitive impairment: If a parent's care needs have moved beyond a part time carefiver, and if they are not able to remember to take their medication, or eat at the right times.

6. Behavioral issues/wandering: If your loved one is getting angry, or aggresivve, wandering off or showing signs of loneliness and depression.

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