Hamden dentist goes viral with ‘In My Feelings Challenge’

HAMDEN --  It might not be Kiki showing a Hamden dentist love, but the internet sure is.

A video posted on D'Andrea and Pantera, DMD, PC Facebook page Tuesday afternoon, shows Dr. Kevin D'Andrea taking part in the challenge. The video has since been viewed over 2.5 million times.

This challenge came to light after Instagram comedian TheShiggyShow displayed his dance moves for a song from Drake's latest album "Scorpion".

Thousands of people across social media have took part in the challenge. Despite this challenge having its funny moments, people have taken the challenge even further, dancing to the song while the car is in motion.

Yale University Patrol Officer officer Matthew Franco has gone viral for his In My Feelings Challenge, and said he's received a lot of positive reaction posting the video in a safe way.

"There’s a couple bloopers out there where guys mess up doing it, I would advise against it, I don’t think it’s very safe to operate outside of a moving vehicle," said Franco.