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Tree falling on Wolcott house continues neighbors’ feud

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WOLCOTT - A massive tree limb in Wolcott fell on a house Wednesday morning and it could have been avoided, according to the homeowner.

Emergency crews were called to 2 Equinox Avenue just after 6 a.m. after what was an extremely close call.

"At first, I thought it might’ve been a car accident out in front. So, I jumped out of bed and I just turned around and looked out the window and then a tree was just coming at me," said Linda Segal, whose scream woke up her husband, Jeff.

Fortunately, nobody in the house sustained any injuries.

"It just bounced and bounced until it came through the ceiling," Linda Segal said, as she pointed to the hole in the ceiling, through which rain water trickled through.

The tree limb fell from a tree on Tom Tella and Regina McNamara's property, which is right next to the Segal's home.

"We’ve spoken to them about you know we will pay the cost to have them (trees) cut down but he (Tom) doesn’t want his trees touched," said Lindda Segal.

Jeff Segal went next door to alert Tella and McNamara what happened and Mr. Segal said Tella was not at all sorry.

"He still stated he’s not cutting any of his trees down," said Linda Segal.

Jeff and Linda Segal told FOX61 that, as Tella left for work, he told them he's not responsible for the damage to their house.

However, the Segal's think he may be wrong.

If the licensed arborist, who examined to fallen limb, believes the tree, from which the limb fell, is defective, then Tella will indeed be on the hook for the damage to the Segal's property. With a $3,000 insurance deductible, the Segals hope the arborist finds in their favor.

Regina McNamara declined comment Wednesday afternoon.

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