EXCLUSIVE: Bear breaks into Canton home

CANTON – A black bear managed to open and climb through a kitchen window to get into a home on West Mountain Road Thursday morning.

“I've enjoyed seeing the wildlife out in the yard I didn’t expect to have wildlife in my kitchen today, said Phoebe Milliken.

Milliken thought she heard her neighbor’s dog, but it turns out the sound of snuffling, huffing and puffing was the bear. Milliken, who has lived at the home for 14 years, ran upstairs and barricaded herself in a room.

Canton Police Department and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection responded. Environmental officers shot bean bags at the bear to get it out of the house.

“The bear was gentler than I thought a bear would be,” Milliken said.” The bear ate a full bag of cherries and it ate half a peach and spat the other half out, slobbered all over my tomatoes but apparently those weren’t to his liking, dragged some loaves of bread around the kitchen but didn’t appear to eat them and sort of slobbered on a window.”

DEEP said it will set bear traps around the area.