First on FOX 61: State reverses course on gun licensing hours change

HARTFORD -- Connecticut's Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection is suspending its plan to limit hours for background check submissions from gun shops.

On Wednesday, FOX 61 reported the State Police Special Licensing and Firearms Unit sent out a notice to gun shop owners in Connecticut that the hours to submit background checks would be changing on August 3. Currently, sellers can submit background checks to the department to authorize until 7 p.m. during the week. The notice said on August 3 it would be changed to 5 p.m. The decision faced immediate backlash from gun shop owners in the state.

Thursday afternoon, the DESPP suspended the change.

A State Police spokesperson released the following statement to FOX 61:

"DESPP’s Special Licensing and Firearms Unit is suspending the change in weekday hours beginning August 3 from 7 pm to 5 pm, pending further review. The change in hours was contemplated to curb cost overruns in the unit.  Unlike any other activity provided at DESPP Headquarters, SLFU is also available week nights and weekend days.  DESPP will continue to explore other means to achieve the necessary savings without impacting the hours when transactions may be recorded. "