Manchester Road Race officials go after race ‘bandits’

Manchester Road Race organizers are trying to alert people early to a problem they have seen in recent races… bandits!

MRR organizers say bandits are people who run the race without registering for it, and last year they accounted for about 2,000 runners.

The race has been growing in popularity, drawing in runners from all over the world.

The race has been capped off at 15,000 runners for security purposes, but thousands more come out to watch.

Organizers say bandits make it harder to ensure proper security because it requires additional resources from various types of security and safety agencies that come to Manchester specifically for the event.

Additionally, bandits take away from the net profits raised, which are donated to charity. Organizers say bandits have now accounted for a 60,000 dollar loss.

Organizers hope that by spreading the word early, and well before race day they can deter future bandits from running unregistered.