CT Dept. of Consumer Protection offers tips on handling telemarketing and robocalls

HARTFORD -  As you sit down to dinner tonight, it probably won't surprise you when the phone rings. Maybe you won't recognize the name or number on the caller I.D.  Or maybe you will recognize it... only to answer and find out it's somebody else entirely. If it seems like you're getting more calls from businesses, nonprofits, or political candidates, it's because you are. According to the YouMail Inc., so called 'robocalls' have jumped dramatically this year, from 2.9 billion in January to 4.1 billion in June.

Some of these calls are legitimate, and some are violations of the law. But enforcement is tough. Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection's Lora Rae Anderson spoke with Aisha Mbowe about what you can do to handle the onslaught.