7 Mexican nationals arrested in connection with botched robbery at Texas mall

MCALLEN, Texas — Seven men who entered the US illegally from Mexico were arrested in connection with a botched robbery at a mall in McAllen, Texas, about 9 miles from the US-Mexico border, a federal official tells CNN.

The men identified themselves as Mexican nationals, according to CNN affiliate KRGV, who reported from the Monday afternoon arraignment.

CNN is reaching out to ICE to determine when they came into the country and if they’ll be deported following criminal proceedings.

McAllen police said in a news release that each suspect was charged with aggravated robbery and received a $200,000 bond.

Five of the seven suspects gave police a false name, and will face an additional $10,000 bond, KRGV reports.

The arrests come after chaos erupted at a McAllen mall Saturday as shoppers reported an active shooter.

“I just heard a lot of people running towards the front of the entrance,” one customer told CNN affiliate KVEO-TV. “I heard a guy come in and say there’s a shooting and then I heard two gun shots so we just pretty much evacuated our customers and our team through the back entrance that we have and we just ran out through the back.”

McAllen police said in a release there was no active shooter and guns were not used in Saturday’s robbery attempt.

What shoppers actually heard was the shattering of glass during a botched robbery at a jewelery store, police said.

At this point, no court date has been announced for any of the men.

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