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Mother’s necklace containing son’s ashes stolen in Hartford

HARTFORD  --  LeeAnn Winn took to Facebook Monday stating that her purse containing a necklace with her son's ashes was stolen over the weekend.

Winn said the incident took place Saturday evening on Broad Street near the New Britain Avenue intersection in Hartford. Winn said her purse was stolen from her friend's car, and her friends items were also stolen.

“I was just completely devastated and I was in shock that some people like that could take somebody’s belongings without truly knowing what you’re taking,” said Winn.

Winn said she typically wear’s her son’s ashes as a necklace, but just so happened to take it off that night to make sure she did not lose it inside the nightclub.

“I don’t wish to have anything back in there other than the necklace that contained my son’s ashes,” added Winn.

Winn gave birth to twins Aiden and Jayden in 2009.

Both were born prematurely, but Jayden suffered health complications was admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where he was there for close to three months. Winn brought Jayden home for only two weeks until he passed away to sudden infant death syndrome.

Winn said she is heartbroken to know a piece of her son was stolen and will not give up and will continue searching.

“I’ve looked in trash cans, I’ve looked along the sides of the road, I’ve looked in these businesses,” added Winn.

Anyone with any information is asked to call 860-983-2711.

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