‘Kiki Challenge’ catches eye of law enforcement

BAY COUNTY, Mich.  — A new fad making the rounds has people jumping out of moving vehicles to show off their dance moves.

It’s called the Kiki Challenge and as a result, some people are getting hurt and it’s catching the attention of law enforcement.

Passengers and even drivers are doing the Kiki Challenge hopping from a moving vehicle to show off their moves to a song by Canadian rapper Drake.

TV5 spoke with Michigan State Police Lt. Jim Lang and watched some videos of people taking the Kiki Challenge.

Some of them were graphic, people getting hit by moving vehicles after exiting the car they were in.

“This is getting into an area where somebody could be injured if not lose a life if things go horribly wrong,” Lang said. “You would hope that common sense would kind of prevail here, but as you see, that’s not always the case. That’s where we see it in a younger crowd, where maybe the brain isn’t fully developed yet or they’re just not making good decisions.”

According to state law, even if it’s a passenger that jumps out of a moving vehicle, ultimately it’s the driver who’s responsible.

“As the operator of the vehicle any number or laws could be broken from distracted driving to careless driving to reckless driving,” Lang said.

If there’s an injury or a death as a result of the stunt that could lead to jail time and heavy fines for the driver along with the guilt factor.

“A lifelong feeling of injuring or killing somebody,” Lang said.