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Man charged for leaving dogs in 107 degree car


NEW LONDON — Another reminder to never leave children or dogs in the car alone! New London police arrested  Nicholes Seguin of Palmer, Massachusetts after they say he left two small dogs in a car that measured 107 degrees.

Police were notified of the car and the dogs by a concerned passerby around 5 p.m. Tuesday. Police and Animal Control found that the car was unlocked, with the windows barely open. The small dogs were inside a plastic-type cage without water.

The dogs were taken from the car and given water. About 40 minutes later, police were able to find Seguin. They learned that the dogs had been in the car for an hour an 45 minutes.

Seguin was charged with cruelty to animals and unvaccinated animals. Animal control took custody of the dogs.

As well as a reminder to never leave pets or children in hot cars, it’s a reminder for anyone to contact police when they see animals or people in hot cars.