Suffield school administrators, including Superintendent, under investigation

SUFFIELD -- A petition has called for a declaration of no confidence in the Suffield Superintendent of Schools and other administrators.

"I’m a little nervous," said Sarah Pikula, a Suffield resident and parent.

Pikula said her children are still too young for the public school system but they might one day be attending the schools, assuming the controvery surrounding the administration gets resolved.

"I know there's a lot of other people in town that send their kids to other schools because of all the problems," said Pikula. "I would be one to think about sending my kids to a private school versus what’s going on here in town."

And Pikula was not alone.

“Not good, not good," said Valerie Gomes, another Suffield resident and parent. "I am actually thinking of moving because of it."

The petition cites various grievances, including an investigation into several senior level administrators, including the Superintendent, saying they failed to make a report to the Department of Children and Family Services.

“The Department of Children and Family had received a complaint that alleged that several members of the public school system had failed to report an incident to the Department of Children and Family, as required by Connecticut law," said Captain Christopher McKee of the Suffield Police Department.

Other issues include declining test scores, and lower enrollment rates.

"I signed it," said Gomes. "I know a lot of people signed it, and I know a lot of people are upset and angry."

"I would sign the petition," said Pikula. "I feel like there have been struggles throughout the school system here in town, so maybe this would help change some of the other issues that we are having in town with the schools."

Suffield Police say all involved parties are fully cooperating with this investigation. Meanwhile, the Board of Education released a statement reading in part, "The Suffield Board of Education is aware of an investigation into whether school administrators, including the Superintendent, properly carried out their duties as mandated reporters under Connecticut law. The Board takes allegations of this nature very seriously. The Board and the Administration are cooperating fully with the investigation, which relates to one incident currently under review."

The next Board of Education meeting is scheduled for August 6, and is expected to bring in a large crowd.

"I am planning to go," said Gomes. "I think there will be a large turn out."

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