Daytrippers: Sonny’s Place has got game

SOMERS - From the virtual world, to the real world, with its mini golf, bumper cars, rock walls and batting cages, Sonny’s Place has got game, for all ages and all levels of adventure.

The most daring will dig the gyroscope. If you’re into spinning yourself into weightlessness like an astronaut, give it a shot.

The Soaring Eagle zipline may be just your speed. Chris Shaw, the general manager,said, "The spline is actually a ride, its more comfortable than your traditional zipline. You’re in a seat,  it pulls you back at 30 mph and pushes you forward faster than you can accelerate on your own."

And you can't beat the views of Somers from above.

Shaw said, "We have  two climbing walls. One is traditional and the second has three separate areas so each is different and that one is brand new."

What you see on the outside is just a fraction of the fun here. Go inside and you’ll find a lot more, duck pin bowling and a full arcade. Even a restaurant and bar. You can easily spend the entire day here.

Jump in on the action with laser tag. With opponents around every corner you need to protect yourself and your teammates.

The newest feature at Sonny's Place is the Hologate Virtual Reality, which literally takes you into the game.

"You go in there and put a headset on and the big old goggles on your face. And the game we play is called Simerai, so as you battle the alien bots you’re working together as a team. You can actually talk to each other through the headsets in the pod you’re in," said Shaw.

Sonnys Place is open year round, to keep kids, and big kids occupied for hours.