Two Hartford residents arrested, police seize over 550 bags of heroin

HARTFORD — Police made a drug bust Wednesday, seizing 554 bags of heroin and arresting two people.

Police say during the month of September, in 2017, detectives had a search warrant for 175 Russ Street (first floor), for narcotics.

Joshua Sanchez was arrested during the investigation.

Since the incident, detectives again received numerous complaints on the sale of drugs from the same address.

During the month of July 2018, detectives again went to the property to investigate. On August 1st, detectives with the vice and narcotics division served a search warrant. They wound up seizing around 554 bags of heroin, and $1,271.

Sanchez, 28, and Maria Failoo, 56, both of Hartford, were arrested and charged with possession of narcotics, and possession with intent to sell narcotics.