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Bear breaks into Canton woman’s home

CANTON -- It's not a call you expect to make, but it is a call the Canton police have been getting more of. A woman woke up to a bear in her bedroom Monday morning.
The Canton police are praising her for her quick action.

Here is an excerpt from the 911 call:

Dispatcher: And what is your emergency, ma’am?
Caller: I have a bear in my house.
Dispatcher: You have a bear inside your house?
Caller: Yes.

D: Did you, you saw the bear?
C: Yes! He pushed my bureau over.
D: He pushed your door open?
C: No, he pushed my bureau over.

The bear is a 400lb male black bear. He has never been tagged by police or DEEP.

When the woman found him, he was trying to get into her bureau next to her bed. He got in the house through her screen door and made a dash to her room. As he was leaving, he made a pit stop in the kitchen and she called police.

He ate some pie, nuts, cookies, and pizelle that the woman had just made the night before.

This isn’t an isolated incident in Canton. This is the third time that a bear has broken into a house in Canton in the past month alone.

"In my understanding, three inside the house is unprecedented," says Canton Police Chief, Christopher Arciero. "We also had one inside a car about a month and a half ago. So, there’s a concern we have that bears are getting that boldened to now go inside the house."

Every time the Canton police have been called, they have found a different bear.
Canton police and DEEP shot and wounded the bear and tracked him into the woods,. But, from there, he disappeared.

The police are using this as a reminder to notify them if there is a wild animal near or inside your home.

"I’m encouraging people if that does happen to call the Canton Police Department immediately and we’ll send an officer for a proper response," says Chief Arciero.