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Eversource conducts aerial inspections over Connecticut

WALLINGFORD — Eversource will be conducting aerial inspections starting Monday to make sure customers have reliable power throughout the year.

The aerial inspections allow for the company to capture images not visible to the naked eye using infrared technology. They then use the images to identify potential problems with electric lines and related equipment, so the company can make any necessary repairs or upgrades before possible reliability issues arise.

“Problems with corrosion on connections, maybe joints and things like that and the way they show up is as hot spots. Literally they are warmer than the rest of the line so that’s why we use infrared imagery,” Eversource spokesperson Frank Poirot said.

The inspections are done twice a year, once in the winter and then again during the summer time.

“Like on a day like today, when electric use is going to be very high we’re going to see a lot of energy running through our transmission lines and under those conditions they will force out some type of other issues,” Poirot said.

The inspections will be going on until August 17.