The Heat is on but the boys of summer play through

BRISTOL -- Despite sweltering temperatures combined with high humidity the games at the Giamatti Center in Bristol haven't missed a beat.

This year the Eastern Region Little League Baseball tournament is going on and the crew in Bristol is ready for the hot weather. Amry Shelby, an assistant regional director of Little League Baseball said, "the number one priority is the safety of the players, when it's hot like this we take extra measures to make sure they're well hydrated."

Shelby noted that the tournament has a doctor in attendance for every game and a certified medical trainer. Joanne Cancel, a baseball mom from the team representing Staten Island, N.Y. said after her son's team was victorious over the squad from Pennsylvania, "I don't know how they do it, my son is the catcher, I say drink water and they do it and they're great." Shelby added, "It's baseball and this is baseball weather and we love it."