Jam on in Mystic: Guitar maker finds a rhythm

MYSTIC -- Making music is what Brian Merritt does and it's not just because he plays in a popular local band.

From his 19th century carriage house just off Mystic's main drag, Merritt makes artisan guitars.

"It's just what I'm passionate about," said Merritt a father of two.

Merritt cuts the wood, strings, and creates guitars from scratch, almost always the electric variety.

"I've been obsessed with electric guitars since I was a little kid," he said.

After jamming for a bit in his living room, Merritt added, "It's definitely a complicated type of wood working and there are a lot of specific tools you have to use."

He added that there is another high note from buying local.

"Get something handmade instead of getting something made by machines overseas," Merritt said. He added that making an artisan guitar can take as long as two months to complete.

"I get to do what I enjoy and that's what makes me happy," he said.