Men gain access to West Hartford resident’s home in ‘unusual incident’

WEST HARTFORD— Police are investigating after officers responded to an ‘unusual incident’ in the area of 20 Jessamine Street.

The caller heard someone yelling “Call 9-1-1.” 

When the officers  arrived at the scene, the found an elderly man near the sink in the kitchen and an elderly woman in the basement near the washing machine and sink.  

The woman explained to police how two younger men came up to their front door and asked if they can come in and check the pipes.  

The man was told to turn the sink faucet on and stay in the kitchen. The woman was told to go in the basement turn the basement sink faucet and washing machine on. 

The residents were instructed to stay in their positions while the two men checked the entire house.  

The woman became skeptical of the men after she was in the basement for a long time. They had never came downstairs to inform her to turn the water off.  

There are no reported damages or injuries, and it’s unclear if anything was stolen at this time.

The person who did most of the talking was a white male in his 30’s or 40’s and he wore white button down shirt and dark tie. The other male was a white male in his 20’s. 

West Hartford ask all to call utility companies when people come to the door to avoid situations like this.

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