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California wildfires get help from Kaman helicopters

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BLOOMFIELD -- The wildfires in California continue to ravage hundreds of thousands of acres of forest, and while firefighters plot their strategies on the ground, help from above is coming in the form of Connecticut built helicopters.

The Kaman Corporation's K-Max Helicopters are taking to the skies to assist in the assault against the flames.

Neal Keating, Kaman's CEO said 15 of the company's K-Max helicopters are being used by operators to fight fires in California and all over the western states.

"The reason they're using a K-Max aircraft is that it's really purpose built for this type of mission," Keating said.

Keating added the K-Max has the payload to deliver about 700 gallons of water and precisely target flames.

The K-Max, which operates with a single pilot, is being flown to fight the wildfires from dawn to dusk.

"We want to do more than offer thoughts and prayers," Keating said, "we want to be able to get equipment out there and stop these fires."

Kaman also has two helicopters fighting forest fires in China and one K-Max operating to aid the on-going relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

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