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EXCLUSIVE: Victim assaulted at Hartford liquor store speaks out

HARTFORD -- Hartford police said an East Hartford man was charged after an investigation into an assault in July led to his arrest.

Police said on July 6, just after 5 p.m., they were called to the Trinity Package Store at 219 New Britain Avenue after an assault took place. When officers arrived, a victim was found inside the store with two large cuts on his head.

He said he was assaulted by an unknown person during an unprovoked attack at the store. The victim was bleeding heavily, and was taken to Hartford Hospital where he was later listed in stable condition.

The weapon that struck the man was a homemade device, consisting of three metal rods wrapped in a cloth and tied together with a shoe lace.

During the investigation, police determined their person of interest was 34-year-old Pawel Onyszczuk of East Hartford.

On July 9, West Hartford police notified Hartford police that Onyszczuk was in custody already in connection to a home invasion.

When questioned, Onyszczuk confessed to the assault with the rods. He said that he hit the victim twice in the head during the incident, to knock him out so he could rob the store. The victim, however, remained alert, and began yelling for help. Onyzczuk ran away.

Onyzczuk was charged with assault, and criminal attempt of a robbery.

Onyszczk remains at the Hartford Correction Center, and his bond is now an accumulative $310,000.