New London convicted sex offender seen offering women rides in his car

NEW LONDON - A cell phone video posted on Facebook has New London residents fired up.

It shows a registered sex offender approaching a woman asking if she needs a ride. Concerned women said they want this man off the streets but police have argued they can't arrest him.

According to state records, the man is a convicted sex offender who was in prison for 19 years.

In the video, it shows John Salvatore Dinoto in a silver car asking the woman if she needs a ride. She then walks up to him and said she does not and how he has asked her the same question repeatedly. He immediately drove off.

According to the State of Connecticut sex offender registry, Dinoto goes by several aliases, one of them being John Abbott.

FOX61 went to the neighborhood of where Dinoto lived and one mother said she has to constantly watch her children because of him.

"Anybody that mistreats a child or can tamper with their mental and their entire future I think should not just be able to walk around and roam the streets," said Missy Kaika of New London.

One of Dinoto's family members also approached FOX61 and said he is angry one of his own would do something like this.

"He's a scumbag," said Ronnie Dinoto of New London. "He pulls over asking girls if they want a ride. Who pulls over and does that?"

A victim of Dinoto also came forward and wanted to share her story on the phone with FOX61.

Tracey Speer said she was molested by Dinoto, her Godfather, when she was only eight-years old, a secret she said she kept for five years.

An investigation eventually began when she was 13-years old where Dinoto was convicted of sexual assault.

"I just kind of kept it to myself. He did threaten to kill my sister if I was to say anything to anyone so I just kept it to myself," said Tracey Speer of New London.

FOX61 then reached out to New London Police Department to ask if Dinoto could face any charges with his current behavior.

The police chief said in an email, “we do not have probable cause to arrest him for “asking someone if they need a ride (his common method of approach).”

Tracey said she has been living her life with the horrific memories with hopes Dinoto would stay in jail so he does not continue his disturbing behavior.

"A system that is supposed to protect and serve has failed me and has failed the public," added Speer.

The police chief also said they did speak to Dinoto about his actions. Despite them not having a strong enough reason to arrest him, they said if you are approached by him, you are to immediately run away.

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