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Saying goodbye to FOX61’s Bob Rumbold

Howdy folks. I have a bit of non-sports news from your sports guy. Today is my last day as I will be retiring from Fox 61.  I must say it has been a great ride!  First I’d like to thank my friend Rich Coppola for saying yes to hiring me some 23 years ago. We have certainly had a lot of fun in that time.  It has been a pleasure working with so many great people over the years. To pick anyone out would be slighting another terrific talent.. suffice it to say I have been very lucky to have worked with so many talented co-workers who have become friends for life.

A big thank you goes out to the athletes and coaches who have been so cooperative and made this job soooooooo much fun! And to you the fans a huge thank you as well! You have been so supportive over the years… it has been so much fun meeting so many of you… and to those I have  met through the tv screen thanks for watching all these years.

Just so you know this is not goodbye. I am retiring from Fox 61.. not life. I will definitely be around. I’ll see you at a sporting event very soon. Where else!

This is for my pal 5 year old Ryland who would like me to say “ Have a grrrrrrrrreat day everybody!!!!!!”