Joe Ganim accuses Ned Lamont of violating clean election laws

HARTFORD  -- Democratic candidate Joe Ganim is accusing Ned Lamont of violating clean election campaign laws.

Bridgeport Mayor Ganim held a news conference Friday demanding answers after a report surfaced that high level Democrats may have helped Lamont to identify his likely voters.

The allegation comes on the heels of the Hartford Courant sending Ganim a survey question they obtained. According to the paper, the question is included in a computerized survey controlled by the state Democratic party, but used by canvassers for Democratic candidates for the State House of Representatives.

Lamont is the party's endorsed candidate for governor. Ganim claims that information collected from other campaigns is valuable. He is now accusing Lamont of violating clean election laws.

"The Lamont Campaign, it falls on their lap, they are the beneficiaries of this survey information. They need to come clean with all of us before primary day."

FOX61 received a response from Marc Bradley, Lamont's Campaign Manager that read, in part, "This false smear on Ned is nothing more than Joe Ganim's swan song in his campaign for governor."

The statement did not address Ganim's specific accusation or say anything further about the information the Lamont campaign allegedly received from other campaigns.

Ganim told FOX61 if he doesn't get a straight answer from Lamont, he will file a formal complaint with the state election commission.

FOX61 has also reached out to the Connecticut Democratic Party for a response. FOX61 will share that response when provided.

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