Press conference held to address New Haven’s school budget

NEW HAVEN—Wilbur Cross High School held a press conference before the start of the school year on Friday.

The Superintendent of New Haven Public Schools, Dr. Carol  Birks was joined by Mayor Toni Harp and Board President Darnell Goldson.

This was about the  school district’s budget and operations update. The district’s budget is around $8 million in debt after laying off multiple teachers and guidance counselors among others and closing schools.

Back in May, Creed Magnet High School had a walk out. The school closed in June to save the district around $2.1 million.

Two of the district’s alternative schools, New Light and New Horizons were consolidated into Riverside Academy.

New Haven’s superintendent said more cuts could be coming before school starts on August 30th.

“I have to make these difficult decisions, these are not personal, these decisions are being made for the benefit of the entire organization. It may not feel good, and like I said, I don’t want to go to bed at night wanting to hurt people cause that’s not my intent,” said Dr. Birks.

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