Drive by shooting investigation shuts down road in Manchester

MANCHESTER --Part of Highland Street in Manchester was shut down for several hours Saturday after police say there was a drive-by shooting.

“It was probably around 5 o’clock and we heard what sounded like maybe firecrackers or a car back hearing, which we here often in the summertime. So we didn’t think anything of it,” said Gina Benoit.

That was until Benoit saw police surrounding a home on Highland street in Manchester and realized what she thought were firecrackers were actually gunshots.

“They were told there was some kind of shooting investigation going on,” said Benoit.

“I heard the gunshots...five of them,“ said another neighbor who asked to remain anonymous.

Benoit, who lives across the street, took pictures of police investigating what they say were shots fired from a car at a home on the street.

“It looked like they were trying to get under the house and under the siding to find something,” she said.

However, thie neighbor who asked to remain anonymous said there have been an increasing number of disturbances here in the past several years.

“It is just a bunch of hiring, screening and tearing up the street with the cars,” she said.

This shooting is another reason she said she no longer feels safe on Highland Street.

“I’m scared. This is a nice quiet neighborhood. This is my home.”

“It’s kind of scary I mean there’s been maybe some bad tenant in that house in the past but everybody in the neighborhood is great,” Benoit said.

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